Thursday, March 06, 2008

Another week closer to SPRING!

The weather has been bitter. Not just cold, but blustery, windy and frozen, then we have freak days of 70 degrees....then again in the teens. I am too cheap (and broke) to buy more propane, so we are heating exclusively with a fireplace....not a high efficiency wood stove, nope an open face poorly ventilated fire place.

It keeps us all close together... as in, we all sit in the rocking chair next to the fire, and cuddle. it is 50 inside the house, and when we can get the wet, rotten wood to light, it will warm up to 56-58 .

So now you know why I am counting down until spring...that and I have all my garden starts ready to go. I have planted Tomatoes, herbs (12 varieties) Pumpkins, Purple Beans, Zinnias, Lettuce, 3 types.

And more to come, although with the house this cold, they are going to germinate rather slowly.... Oh well, there is only so much I can do on a limited budget.

Rubi loves to climb onto my lap while I am typing, and whisper sweet messages to me.

Right now she is asking me if Jesus created my Emac... and who made Santa, So if Jesus made all the persons, then he must have made Santa. But did he make his clothes. he must have, since he made Santa...
I love the theory of a 4 year old....

According to her I am the best "fire maker, and heart maker, and kisser, and the bestest on Earth at everything" everything, well, who can beat that??

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