Monday, April 21, 2008

Hum Drum and a Wrench

Just as we begin to start feeling comfortable, we get a wrench. Right? isnt that how every ones life is? when I speak to my mom, she concurs. I will give you the run down on my weekend.

Monday was FHE and tidy the house day.

Tuesday I picked up Wes from the airport, drove to Sam's Club and got supplies for the YW camp spaghetti dinner. Service for 150.

Wed. we worked on the house, attended Mutual, handed out assignments for the dinner, and recuperated from our all niter with Zeke (hand foot mouth malady)

Thursday I fretted over how much time needed to be spent doing the cooking I debated on whether I should make meat balls, or just add the meat to the sauce (I added the meat to the sauce, as I did not know how many to plan for the dinner).

Friday I cooked pasta, 30 lbs. and prepped it to be quick serve. Madi began the Sin-a-Buns for her auctioned off item, and the Kitchen-Aid mixer burned up (again), she left to help the widow neighbor vacuum and clean since she is bed-bound for back pain. At 3:00 I had to track down keys to the Church & deliver the items for the YW auction & Dinner.
I cooked.served, and cleaned up from the UBER Successful event. and we returned home at 11:00 p.m.

Sat. I prepared a load of laundry for Sunday clothes. I had a stake camp meeting in Liberty and left home at 2:00. I had to find a ride for Wes as the adult meeting was at 6:00 pm. I attended my meeting, attended the adult session of conference, and then we had a quick bite to eat with Sasha & Brian.(gotta LOVE Chipotle!)

Sunday we woke, ate waffles & oatmeal (not together) and got everyone ready for Stake meetings we left the house at 10:00 am, (giving our friend Consie a ride) we arrived just in time to get a bench, and enjoyed the talks given that were focused of Missionary work. WHAT AN EVENT, our stake president Lehnardt spoke, and reiterated that we as obedient servants of the Lord, should be "Plant a garden as if our lives depended on it" he actually said that. He said as the price of wheat & grains rises we should be prepared in not only the style in which we cook, but the growing and preparing our foods. We left the conference meetings enlightened, and Wes made a 'snarky' comment about how as trials of life have come and gone, we grow and learn so much, and he looks forward to the next challenge. . . . .

Upon our arrival at home we were all starving! the house was in disarray we frantically started lunch (as it was 2:00pm) I fed & watered the chicks, and someone pulled into our driveway. :Enter: our current landlord, the ones who live in Utah. SURPRISE! They had been at our home while we were at church, had taken the liberty to show themselves around the house, and of course found nothing but chaos. They had been waiting for us to come home and I was *SO* upset by their 'surprise attack' I was ill. She made it clear that she was not happy with us, and then made the off comment that we "May want to find somewhere else to live" as she is not happy with the state of the house.

OK, so now some of you ladies know me, and I know I am not the MOST organized person, and I may let things slide for a bit, but I am NOT a slob, and I am not un-sanitary
This woman had raised ONE child 54 years ago, and has a very low tolerance for children she even said "It was against my better judgment to allow a family with THIS many children to move in" As if my 2-dozen children are too many to handle. (read 5 that run around really fast seeming like 24).

The last thing she said as she left the house, was "We will return" kinda of like the terminator, "I'll BE BACK".

So now I sit on pins & needles and agitate myself over this issue, I have 5 months to go before my house is complete, and I may be living in a tent (again), thank goodness I am not 8 months pregnant this time!


Michelle said...

How agitating and aggravating! I hope it all works out soon for you!

Greears said...

At least the climate where you are now is hospitable to camping. Maybe this is the answer to the money and termanater landlord problem, camping right now... BTW, I love your description of having 2 dozen children. That really cracked me up!

Kari said...

Dee, I don't think she can legally enter the house she has rented to you. This is probably a long time ago, but I am irritated for you.