Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Date.... day

We made a 12 hour date yesterday, we drove to Omaha we left at 8:30 a.m. luckily sweet Sasha let us borrow her great gas car. (rather than paying $120 in gas we only paid $30)

I failed to call the Temple in advance, I KNEW we were supposed to go yesterday, I just didn't check out ALL the details. being from Utah, we assume some things, well we arrived at 11:30 and the Temple opened at 6:00 p.m. We had 7 hours to kill!

We had the tour of the Visitor center, it has an amazing set up to get to know the history of the saints stop in Winter Quarters. What an amazing SPIRIT attending the exhibit. We walked through the cemetery of the 600 that were buried at Winter Quarters.

I met with a genealogist, she taught me so much about how to find ancestors, there is some amazing stuff on the saints who traveled with the exodus.

I found journal entires from Wes's G G Grand father, Curtis Edwin Bolton, he was one of the first to come west with Brigham Young, he was mentored by Brigham Young, and several of his entires include advice given to him from the Prophet!

I also found an excerpt from the church's scribe and it included not only information on the BOLTON family, but it mentioned SETH DODGE, and how when he was on sentry watch they caught him sleeping! I had to chuckle, just like my family to sleep while on duty!

What started out as a big inconvenience turned into a beautiful day, ending with Wes and I holding hands and whispering encouraging words in the Celestial Room. What a day! we returned home at 11:45 pm and the house was in reasonably good shape, only the dishes had to be done, everything else was on the up-&-up!

More with photos later.

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