Saturday, April 19, 2008

Traveling and Dreaming

For many years, (since I was probably 5) I have wanted to do two things,

1) travel the world, Africa , Asia, and South America primarily.
2) Adopt Internationally.

While both are very expensive and loft goals, they are both for good purposes. I want to share my love of life with others, and I want to ease suffering . I long to spend time digging trenches, and building school houses, I dream of toiling with my own two hands and teaching my children compassion and service. I have a desire to spend all my extra time and resources bringing the knowledge of Christ's atonement and love into the hearts and lives of those less fortunate.

I know others who have the resources to do these things, and yet they do not have the desire to help others. they have the desire to feed themselves, and enjoy the fruits of their labors .... however they foolishly believe that the fruits they are enjoying are the labors of their own two hands, rather than the Lords.

It is my desire we stop whatever we are doing, and acknowledge that ALL good things come from a loving and compassionate Saviour.

Please take a minute to enjoy this YOU Tube channel:

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