Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Life, can be a handful!

What can I say, with 5 kids, 7 goats, 89 chickens, and a house being built, all while my husband flies planes 2400 miles away. Life can be FULL OF IT! (Whatever "it" is you decide)

The past two days I have cried over:
Mean people
Shallow people
A broken Digital Canon Rebel
A broken heart (7 year olds, not mine)
My wheat grinder is making a whining sound (not good)
my Checking account is at $0.88
and I have 13 days before I get another pay check.
I totally forgot a good friends Birthday AFTER I scheduled a lunch date with her (some friend I am!) I feel like such a LOUSE!

Life can be hard.
On the good side:
I got to speak to my sister Allie until 12:45 a.m 2 Whole hours! (never happens, we both value our sleep too much)
I spoke with Lia about stuff... she always makes me laugh.
And My Under-Roos flashing cousin decided to call me while he drove from Cali to Utah and reminisce. (actually he is trying to guilt trip me into going to Lake Powell this summer...not gonna happen.)

I made a video of Zeke growling (its actually pretty funny) but cant figure out how to get it on here, and it is gettign past my bedtime so I probably wont try any more tonight.

I am on page 196 of 515 of the B.O.M. the Stk. Prez has asked the entire stake to have it read by April 20th (our next stake conference) that is 30 pages a day... NO SWEAT!

Well, I am exhausted just from treading water today. I would love a break. (not of the more broken household items kind... of the Publisher Sweepstakes balloon knock on the door kind... Do you have to play the sweepstakes in order to actually win?

Well, I suppose their is no hope there either.

Who votes for the best invention this year is SPELL CHECK USING THE RIGHT CLICK?@!!



alana said...

So, are you able to ring the neck of a chicken for dinner when your man is away? I'm cool and macho, but not yet that cool and macho!

GordonWesFamily said...

Nah, I am not that cool, yet. I suppose if we got hungry enough I could, but at this point I think I will let him do the butchering!