Thursday, April 24, 2008

NO camera....

What do people do with out a camera? my sweet children broke mine. Yes my digital, my precious, and now I have no way to log my daily accomplishments....

So I have been using the phone camera....gulp... how much do they charge for those transmissions? I am afraid to ask.

So the last log of photos from my precious Canon Digital Rebel were these:

Peanut Butter Buddy, Abigel took these photos and the flash was off, so I had to adjust the lighting a bit, kind of poor quality. 9but better than my razr camera!)

So I have pretty cute kids, this is the reason I did not Kill them when I discovered my broken camera. It was a week of destruction, and I will not re-live the nightmarish events. I will not....

Yesterday I spent my time cleaning house and then running around preparing a 3-4 acre garden. I hope it is enough to feed my family ;)

I get to work at the Far West Store, so if your ever in this neck of the woods, just drop in and come see our Garden!

BTW: current state of house:

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