Friday, May 09, 2008

Check List

Sweet Corn (Check)

Popcorn (Check)

Cabbage (looking good)

Potatoes (starting to peek out of soil!)

Allie called me last night, at 12:03 I woke and answered thinking surely someone had died.

nope she just wanted to Thank me, for remembering her sons birthday (no sarcasm involved I really did remember it!)

We had a nice chat, until 1:16 a.m.

Alas my day is starting out with a groggy brain and a rainy sky.

My readability is still in Jr. High level. Hmmm I suppose it is due to the fact I HATE spending time away from gardening and rather than take the time to compose a highly articulate though, I am just ding a quick log of my doings.

(YES Michelle this is my excuse and I am sticking to it!)

So Whilst attempting to raise my vocabulary and understanding... (actually I understand it all fine, i just don't take the time to write it out in details )

I am busily reading Anna Karinnina Classic literature. very intriguing. it was recommended by LIA apx. 4 years ago, and I am finally attempting to finish it in one year, I have read 278 pgs. in 3 days. it is a challenge to find time to read while spring is upon us, I have so much to do.(yes, another excuse)

OK back to our regularly scheduled pancakes.....
(BTW Bella had her kids, one girl, one boy, and we sold her yesterday for $250.00)
((Gas $ for nauvoo! YEAH!))

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