Thursday, May 08, 2008

Gardening 101

OK I have been busy busy planting.... I have finished one garden spot called
"Skembo's Small" And I am waiting for the row planter to plant my corn in "My" spot.

I will list some of the veggies I have planted so far:
Tabasco peppers
jalepeno peppers
sweet peppers
chocolate peppers
Chinese five color peppers
sweet peas
Purple beans
Chinese Greens
Summer squash
Swiss chard
rocky top lettuce
onion seeds onion starts
Blue Potatoes
Yellow potatoes
Red potatoes

What am I missing? (no really if you can think of something that YOU wouldn't live without, give me a buzz!)

Most of these have been planted from 'starts' (see previous post with my front room being taken over by growing pots)

Now I will plant with a row planter the CORN! and Watermelon....Yummy!

I could live off corn & melon all summer long. Nothing is better...well OK I do need an occasional tomato off the vine, hot from the sun with that sweet syrupy flavor.

All my hard work will eventually pay off!

So plan a trip, come check out the garden, spend some time with me, (clean my kitchen while I play farmer)

Make a vacation of it and then... think about staying! ;)

We love, and can't wait to see LIA & FAMILY!!!

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