Thursday, May 01, 2008


I have entered several posts in the past week, however they have disappeared into digital bliss, and all my thoughts are lost to me... and the world, what a sad day.

I have enjoyed a 3 day visit from my Cousin, Michelle Chandler and her adorable kids, Dumb me, I didn't get my camera out and take photos to document the event! (kicking myself now)

They are on their way to Nauvoo should be there within the hour. We Absolutely enjoyed seeing them,and realize it is too bad we don't make time for family (that we love) .

I had good news last week, Wes fixed my canon! Yep hooray


Shout for JOY!

just in time to hear about the bill that came from my cell phone transmissions, YIKES! we shall not be doing that anymore!

So the house is coming along fine, but I have no new photos, the roof is on, the windows are almost completely done, and the electrical has begun, the power company installed the power lines up the driveway and we have an extremely ugly green box on the edge f the driveway that will eventually supply us our juice.

Good things:
1- having a garden and waiting for it to grow
2- knowing we have friends and family near and far who love us
3- Having a sure knowledge that the LORD has provided us with blessings
4- my children are mostly adorable 96% of the time
5- sleep is good
I have gotten allot accomplished this week, 2 gardens planted in cool weather seeds, made a trip to Winter Quarters Temple, cleaned as usual, our goat 'Angel' birthed triplets, and had a scrumptious visit with Michele and family.

We were going to have a camp out on Friday but it is being re-scheduled to May 21st. mostly because I need Wes home to stay with the kidlets while i play camp director .



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YaYa said...

Oh my heck, Xander has the same striped sweater Zeke has! Funny! Your house is looking sooooo almost done! We planted a "so-called" garden, in pots & potters I had Archi make from extra wood he had. We have all the makings of a salad!
Hope all is great with you!