Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday Garage Sales

This morning was fun, we woke, did our morning routine in record time and went to 3 garage sales, And I scored BIG TIME! A man across the street from a garage sale we attended was taking down a chain link fence, HE gave me ALL of it! enough to enclose my garden from the chickens! He was very organized and meticulous about taking it down, so all the parts are available, This will save me TONS in fence parts.


Then the girls loaded up on Cr*p with their allowance, they bought toys, purses, dolls, and Zeke got a Sesame Street camera. I am sure these items will all end up in the trash within the month.

I got some cool baskets and a cigar box so that I can organize my dresser tops.

I made the cigar box into a 'catchall' for Wes's stuff.... he always has his ring, Ipod, Cell phone, wallet, Change, and other stuff he is hunting for when he is home, he says that if I had a place for ALL of his stuff he would not leave it laying around. Here is the test ;)

Lia said last night she is going to visit me, so the last week in May I get to have slumber party week, She and I never run out of things to tlak about, we have such a good time, I never laugh as hard with anyone else, Lia just brings the happiness right out of everyone!

I have allot of prep work for girls camp, and I need to get busy planning their rewards and camp necklaces.
Any ideas?

Funny thing about kids:

Why is it they have their own 27" TV in their play room, they can watch DVD's or VHS on it, but when I use the portable TV at a whopping 9" they all climb into bed with me and watch movies. Silly kids! tonight is 20,000 Leagues under the Sea... old school with Michael Douglas. Gotta love those cleft chins!

I am off for the night, with a full belly and an empty mind, what else have I got to discuss here tonight?

I am curious what the price of grapes are in YOUR neck of the woods? Curious so share in the comments if you can.

Chow for now.....


Chris said...

wow it is really coming along. It is goint to be beautiful, I can't wait till it is done.A piece of heaven.

Chris said...

It is really cold here so the garage salling is not into full swing yet. Polly and I went and then went to the womans expo. I ran into Becky Fillmore and her girls. It was good to see them, they all look the same. She said she is retiring in 2 years. Wow
Love ya