Monday, May 05, 2008

Utah Wish List;

OK there are a few things that are needed in our neck of the woods, that are just not easily found.

yet, In Utah these items are readily available.

If you come across any of these items, and you are willing to send them with Lia when she comes to visit the 21st of may, please send me an email and let me know to expect them!

Bathroom fixtures:
bar light
Faucet (one for bathroom)
Cabinet to alter into a vanity (look at photo)

Kitchen Items:
Dining lights
Can lights

Bedroom Items:
Light fixtures

Peanut Butter (sugar free, Adams or Kirkland Signature)
White Wheat
Brown Rice
Canned dry Sour cream
Long Shorts and tee's for Madi (she is a size 5/6 or med. top)

Any household items we can use in our building, if I need to rent a Uhaul for Lia to bring this stuff to me it is worth it!

Thanks everyone


1 comment:

Michelle said...

Dee, We've got 4 cans (#10 size) each of rice and white wheat. I don't know how much more room Lia has in her car before she has to rent a U-Haul, but Loren and I are discussing further items to send your way. E-mail me? :) Love, Michelle