Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A great day in OUR neighborhood....

We had a fun night last night, the girls really pitched in and helped me get the trash to the street( our first installment of county trash removal HOORAH!)

after this we had a barbecue, and ate outdoors, then we nestled down and slept on the trampoline. Madi kept Zeke inside, and the remaining gang slept outside, until the thunder began. We crawled inside and had a restless remaining night. We played 'musical beds' and shifted into each others spots several times.

then this morning I was so proud of the younger 3 girls, they got right to work on their laundry assignment and had most of it organized and ready for help when I rolled out of bed at an unusual 9:30 a.m.

We accomplished the following monumental chores:
laundry for the WHOLE house
Cleaned Gracie's bedroom
Put Rubi's new dresser together and filled with her clothes
Cleaned the pig-sty known as Abigel's bedroom
cleaned out the new(ish) buckets for our 1200 pounds of food storage
cleaned including bathroom and sweep, mop, dishes the remaining portions of the house!

And now I am resting, via the internet, I have put out requests (again) for the adoption process, and I am praying that things will go as planned and become a reality by the time the house is completed.
(BTW the siding and roof are almost completed)

I will try to get pix of the house posted soon!

Wes only has 7 days left of his shift! (who loves to work a 30 day shift?? not me!)

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Michelle said...

My Goodness that was an incredible undertaking. You must be so proud of your hardworking girls! :) Give them all hugs from me! :) -Michelle