Friday, June 20, 2008

In memorium, Shane Isaac Frear, my brother.

My big brother Shane. We share a biological father, whom we both refer to as a donor, not a father. He was not a great father.

However he produced myself,and my Big Brother, Shane. Last August I got to know my half-brother for the first time. I got a phone call whilst milking my cow, from my Aunt Sharon, she described to me the circumstances around Shane's life, he was dying of cancer, and his wish was to have a relationship with me, before he passed on.
I am Honored that he thought enough of me to reach out, and take a chance. We called and wrote each other I made an attempt to meet up with him at Christmas time, however he was recovering from a nasty Flu. We did not meet face to face. This is my regret, I had hoped to hug him one time before our gracious Heavenly Father took him home.

we had allot in common, we both had a desire to 'live off the grid' we both had a bit of adrenaline junkie going on... He was a Smoke Jumper. Exciting job, leaping out of planes to fight wild land fires. I admire him, he fought long and hard to overcome the rare cancer he had. In the end it was not His will. He was ushered out of this world with his Mother, his step-father and a dear friend Erin at his side. I thank them for sharing him with me. I feel a bond to him, we both had to over come major obstacles because of our shared DNA.

I hope he will have the softness of heart to accept the Gospel and enjoy the embrace of Jesus and our Father.
Good bye big brother....
I love you.


Jaime Mathis said...

I went to school woth Shane for a few years. He was a great friend. I was shocked to open the newspaper and see his picture and obituary. Over the years I had wondered often about him. I will always miss him. I still can't believe he's gone.

Christy Foster said...

I always wondered how Shane was over the years. He was one of my first friends when I went to Toutle Middle School. I had heard he had cancer, and I hoped and prayed that he would fight it and survive it. He was a great guy. I'm so very sorry for your loss.

Brandon said...

Shane and I were in the Marines together. We were both originally in 3/5 Weapons Company 81's Platoon. He was a gunner and I was his A-gunner. We both ended up in 1/5 due to medical reasons. In the summer of '94 Shane and I drove all over San Diego county in a Ford Escort that belonged to another Marine and we shouldn't have been driving. That summer I learned so much about Shane as he taught me how to kill a 24 pack. I have so many great memories of him and will never forget him. Shane was my ride to the airport when I got my discharge. I remember how sad I was when he left and we both knew we'd never see each other again. Not sure what ever happened to the picture but there was one of us posing in front of the Mortar and as the picture snapped he said "brothers of sin". Whatever that meant, I'll never know but he was right about one thing.... he was like a brother. I miss you bro. Semper Fi Devil Dog. -Brandon

GordonWesFamily said...

Thanks to All Shane's Friends who leave comments, I appreciate that his friends have gone looking for him and were kind enough to leave additional pleasant thoughts about him for me to get to know him even better.
He is a great guy.