Thursday, July 17, 2008

No energy for a detailed post

so You get the condensed version of my log for the day:
Woke apx. 6:47 a.m. started scripture reading and preparing for the marathon day.
Dressed kids & fed breakfast
Did a load of Laundry
Madi, Zeke & I left for the city, we stopped at Home Depot picked up some paint and faucets for the double vanity (THANKS MICHELLE!!!!)

Had to drive 25 min out of my way to a Credit union who could cash my Alaska USA check, which put me 1.5 hr behind schedule.

Drove to Prairie Village to pick up my new appliances: want to see them? they are AWESOME! as soon as I have the kitchen laid out I will post pics.

Made the mad dash (through traffic galore) home to the kids
emptied out the appliances swept out the house for the contractor
Prepared the house for the final stage of blown in insulation.

Came home and showered off the fiberglass
Came here to shmoooz with you.

I am off to take the Jone's Family Reunion Photo's Neat neat family, 8 kids from all over the U.S. coming to see thier awesome parents (Don & Leigh Jones)
I am privelaged to call them friends and I get to V.T. Leigh

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