Wednesday, July 23, 2008

pooped out....

This has been Quite the week! On Friday I flew to Texas to help my sister out, all my siblings and parents were together to show our love & Support to Allie, her meds have made her very sick, and We as a family were encouraging her to get off of them.

So friday Early we flew in, met at Dallas Airport (HI Jannika!) and flew into Kileen.
That evening we met with Allie and she agreed with the conclusions and went to the Hospital that night.

We waitied in the Waiting room from 10:30 p.m. until 6:45 a.m. Tom, Allie & I while the kids and boys swam at the hotel.

Sat I caught up on sleep (my precious) and that evening we headed towards Dallas, My parents were kind enough to take everyone to 6 Flags.

On Sunday I went driving looking for the ward house, ˆshould have just called Janika, but I was being stubborn, thought I could do it on my own, with a little help from Mapquest. Hrmpf. NOT mapquest did not direct me accurately towards the building, and so i drove until the alloted time was up for services and returned to the hotel. I read my scriptures and journaled a bit. rested some more and tried to find decent food to eat.

Monday Mom & I with the 2 kids hit the road. we drove to Kansas City, stopped at Costco and on to the house.

Tuesday was another mad dash to the airport where we dropped off the rental car and picked up supplies for my building project. of which someday I will get updated photos of the house on here. (Roll eyes )

Wed. we cleaned the new house and grandma has been kind enough to slave away in the awful humidity painting and staining the cabinets and walls. (Since the label says :WARNING: California State has found the contents to cause Birth defects::

We would hate to have birth defects right? It is aggravating not being able to do the projects I have been looking forward to all this time!

So now tonight I try to make up for it by making a delicious dinner and writing about how AWESOME my mother is!
Thanks Mom,


Chris said...

It was my pleasure to help you out. I remember being pregnant. And not being able to do those things. I do have to admit I am drained. The heat made me be more thankful for the pioneers. It was fun to be with the kids and have them help paint the walls. They were so excited to help.They all took turns and we ended up with beautiful walls. Then I think I ran out of pacience and sent them to eat. It would have been harder to do it with them wanting to help. I made enough messes on my own can you imagine 7 more helpers.

Janika said...

Sorry I missed you! I don't usually hang around at airports, though. I am just getting around to reading your blog for the first time since I got back. We are trying to figure out how this blog rates higher on google than Craig and Consie's web site that we are renovating. Put them on your link list, K?