Friday, July 25, 2008


We drove Grandma home Thursday morning, not after having mechanical issues and needing to borrow the neighbors car...

She is off safely and I return rest as I stated in the previous post.

Then at 6:30 p.m. As Madi & Alexis were preparing to babysit for Dakota, An emergency presented itself. Abigel was cut on a piece of glass at the wonderful pond... my blessed pond is tainted, and not safe any more.

The hole was gaping, beyond my scope of home healing. (wink wink) Mind you the
suburban was not running, and I really did not want to borrow a car for a bloody trip to the E.R. So I said a little prayer, popped the hood and went to work, the battery terminal was icky, so I took it off, scraped it clean and re- attached the cable.
Engine fired up on the first try!
and so we packed everyone up and drove to the E.R.
Dinner was just starting when emergency ensued so we had Pizza Hut deliver to the E.R.
What fun memories to share with cousin David!
He was SO MUCH help in the ER, he kept Zeke safe and everyone under control while I stayed with Abigel.

What a bunch of great kids!


Michelle said...

Owie Owie Owie! How intense is the glass over at your lake? Will you be able to enjoy it?

GordonWesFamily said...

I am not sure, the kids admitted to taking the applesauce jar down there a while ago, but whether there are more lurking under water I am not sure. So sad, I think I will have to buy a dumb pool.

Greears said...

That is a bummer, and I will bet it was the applesauce jar! What is weird and cool though is that your picture almost looks like a homemade lips tatoo(just shows you where my mind is at!). So glad everyone is alright.

Janika said...

Yikes! To think, it could have been one of my kids! What's parenting without a few trips to the ER now and then!