Saturday, August 16, 2008

Living off Food storage

For the past 4 years we have made diligent efforts to eat and cook from our food storage, this means I store what I eat and I eat what I store.

I have been blessed to find neat resources for our family essentials, in example, I found food grade buckets that hold 75lbs. of Wheat. These buckets stack up to 3 high, but they are hefty, very heavy. I have them filled with: Rolled Oats, Potato pearls, Black beans, Northern beans, Kidney beans, Salt, Hard White Wheat, hard red wheat, Rice white and brown, Dried apples, Refried beans, dried onions,

These are mostly stuff we use on a daily/weekly basis, and it gets rotated rather quickly, then we have canned fruits and vegetables, and dried fruits and vegetables.

then there are the store bought items I store, I try to gauge or calculate how much my family eats in a week/month/year and estimate how much I need to store, I thought that 6 bottles of Maple syrup would be enough for a year (one bottle lasting two months) well I bought the 6 bottles in July and we have already used 3. Oops. I suppose I need to re-figure that one.

We make our bread from scratch, we make our tortillas most days, and of course pizza, rolls, pies, all of our dishes are made or baked with ingredients we store on a regular basis, It has made shopping a rather quick routine, I get the same items, and I get as much as the budget allows. Only occasionally do we have out of the norm items in our cart, special occasions, birthdays & holidays.

I shared a recipe on here a while ago on our bread, and I will have to seek out the bread picture of when Abigel made her first loaf in Alaska.

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