Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

We got home from church today, after a very rough start, and I wanted to document that I had all 5 kids ready and HAPPY to be at church with me!

Here we are on the Porch following services!


Michelle said...

What a sweet bunch of kids there. :) Sometimes it's the little (or big) things like having the whole family go to church together that make us happiest as moms, right? :) Much Love!

Chris said...

Rubi as usual is not sure she is happy to be there. It is a task just to get everyone dressed with shoes that match.Hair done and smiles optional. Everyone looks great. What with the rest of the day?

Arizona Arnolds said...

Great Bunch of Cute Kids on a Daddy free day. Great job. We love your ward. In fact I made a comment in R.S. about all I learned while I was there. Do I recognize Ruby's dress???

GordonWesFamily said...

Yes, that is the dress discarded by city-dweller children that my country bumpkin babies actually fight over!

Thanks for that BTW!

Rubi never wants to smile for family photo's she will only grin if she is in the spot light!

Phogles said...

Dee, that is a major accomplishment, and seriously deserves documenting and remembering. It CAN be done! Although, I can't really remember the last time I actually did it..