Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to my MOM!

My mom is amazing, she has overcome so many trials in her life, she is truly a "refined" woman.

When we read in the scriptures about the refiners fire, and we learn that as we pass through challenges, and overcome weaknesses we are like Silver, or Iron, that has been worked from and Unrefined metal, with inconsistencies, and blemishes and impure properties then the fire starts, and with the heat all the imperfections are drawn out, and you are left with a REFINED metal. Beautiful, and useful.

This is my mom.

She is refined, beautiful, and oh-so-useful! A little too useful if you ask me, she can do a thousand things at once, and not need anyones assistance nor does she need anyone's advice, she KNOWS what she knows and she is good at nearly everything!

Here is a list of the things my mom can do: (AND HAS DONE)

Builds; cars, beds, bookshelves, RV's, Corn Dog wagons, porcelain dolls.
Repairs; Cars, beds, furniture, any article of clothing, Corn Dog Wagons.
Designs; Floral arrangements, quilts, houses, landscaping, pools, Birthday cards, scrapbook pages, beautiful home furnishings, hand crafted dolls, Doll clothes.
Mends; hearts, tears, empty places, Wedding dresses, Pound Puppies, Cabbage Patch dolls, Barbie tents, barbie clothes, Replica GUESS jeans ala 1982.
Install; electrical outlets, lighting, trim & carpentry, Stoves, Dishwashers, plumbing, ANY mechanical apparatus.
Skills she has mastered; Photography, Scrap booking, Forgiveness, Cruising, Loving rowdy grand kids.... no matter how many!
Tests she has Passed; 5 births, 5 teenagers, 7 almost 9 grand kids, Cancer, Broken Bones, Farming, Carnivals, Jet skiing, Boating, Sand Volley ball, mothering, death. And MUCH MUCH more!

I love you mom!



Kari said...

I've never met someone who can do ANYTHING like your mom. It's fun to watch her work.

I've never seen a picture of her that young. She looks hot!

Chris said...

thank you you are to kind. That picture makes me feel really old. cant wait to see you all.
Love ya MOM