Monday, January 12, 2009

A post, jst to post

I have no coherent thoughts, and I am weighed down with pain from being 4 weeks from delivery, I sit in the "Ugly" chair most of the day, because when I try to move out of it, I am all frozen in the hips and back, it is so painful! It takes me 4 steps before I can straighten out and stand upright,

I saw the blessed Chiropractor today, she is wonderful! and has a gift for getting me out of pain, can you believe it has been a whole year since I have made it in to see her (for me) I need to do it at least once a month, when I leave her office I feel not only better in the bones, but she makes me laugh too!

Rubi asked me if she was a Doctor or a friend, since we were laughing so heard Rubi heard it from the waiting room, She is both, I really like her, and appreciate her insight, next time I will not wait so long to see her...

next Rubi and Zeke & I went to Wal Mart, my Razr phone is broken (surprise surprise,) it just stopped taking a charge, and of course Tmobile will not replace it, so I have to figure it out.

4 weeks away from Delivery day (D-Day) I am making the mental preparations for the labor and delivery, and look forward to sharing the details with you!


Kari said...

I have never heard anything good about the RZR. They seem to break a lot.

Arizona Arnolds said...

Wow! I can't believe how quick your pregnancy has gone for me. :) Seriously that sweet baby is going to be in your arms before you know it. I can't wait.
I also want to say thanks for your card. You are so cute. And feel free to post pictures of me on your blog anytime-haha.

Market Maven said...

I'm sorry you are so uncomfortable! I'm about 7 weeks out and I swear I forgot how hard it is to breathe and little things like that. I didn't realize you have a Zeke! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that name! We almost named Lincoln that. p.s. it's melissa