Friday, January 23, 2009

Less than 20 days to go.

Abigel the Diaper Caper

I have been trying to not count days, but with that cute Ticker, who can help it?

Baby is sitting transverse, and I have been working on moving him into the right position, HE is stubborn though. Just like Zeke, At east this time I have found an awesome Dr. who can fix me up, she does acupuncture and is wonderful.

I spent the day shopping with Sasha yesterday, we had lots of fun, we even got our hair cut! She got a fun fun do- I was jealous, but I promised Wes I would not go short again for a while.... Maybe after my first marathon that will be my motivation!

I have a Bazillion things I want to get done, the family room needs to be painted and trimmed, then I can put the furniture back, the kids rooms are all a mess because the stuff from the family room needed to be emptied. So as soon as I get a burst of Super powers, I will finish the major project (aka family room) and maybe be able to rest my mind.

I want to prepare 50 frozen meals to use after all my help has gone. (Feb 19th.)
I need to finish laundry
Mop Floors
Scour bathroom
Take family pictures
Prepare baby announcement

It would be so blessed to have the family room done before my mom comes to visit. (Feb 9th) to have a place to send the kids and not destroy their bedrooms!

OK so now i am off to see if i can hunt down that motivation... energy... send some my way if you read this!


Arizona Arnolds said...

OK, if anyone finds that kind of energy & motivation, call me too! Especially if it is sugar free, caffeine free, healthy and homemade so Dee would be interested.

GordonWesFamily said...

Just want you to know what I actually accomplished today:
Kids bedrooms Cleaned
Family room swept & cleaned (in prep for paint)
Sweep & mop main floors (kitchen, dining, living, library, bathroom, mud room)
Get milk.
Writhe in pain for the rest of the night.

Janika said...

Congratulations on the writhing in pain. The rest of it...ho hum :)