Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First time for everything!

No, I have NOT had this baby!

He is very accustomed to his environment ;)

Actually I have had several blessings, and we spent allot of energy on Sunday with prayer, we finally got some answers, (I think)

This baby, has grown a very short cord.(Is that a sign of things to come, am I going to have a hard time raising my boys with short cords, since they wont want to leave their momma?)

Any way....

He is not able to drop down into the birth canal because of this, so we meet the Dr. Thursday. He says we will see if we can monitor contractions, and see if baby can tolerate a vaginal birth.

If his heart rate drops significantly during a contraction, then we have a problem, I don't foresee not being able to do this vaginally, however we have decided to birth in the hospital for our safety net.

It is what the Lord has asked us to do.

It has taken ALLOT of tears, and prayers and humility to be willing to go to the hospital, after I have so diligently planned a home birth. I will be humble, and I will accept the answer to prayer. Hopefully this means we will be greatly blessed, not only with a smooth delivery, but a healthy baby as well!

Thanks for your prayers, and Love, and concern.

Big Momma.


Michelle said...

Dee - Here's another prayer that you continue to be blessed through this experience. Much love!

Greears said...

Oh, Dee! What a bummer! But what a total and 100% super mega blessing that you were able to know about this short cord problem! As you may recall Marina had a terribly short cord, and if we had not been at the hospital it would have been a very big problem.

You had a plan and it was a great one and now it has to change...are you restratigizing to make the hospital environment as comfy as possible? Sarong over the TV, christmas lights, ect?

I am so glad to be in the loop (albeit a might big modern loop) my prayers with the new baby! Alana

Kim said...

Good luck! I'm no pioneer woman like you (although I have has a natural birth...in the hospital...not necessarily by choice!) BUT...I agree that there is some comfort that comes from being in the hospital just in case. I'm sure everything will go great!

Amanda said...

You are amazing. Best of everything to you and your family. In our prayers.