Saturday, March 07, 2009

8 days old.

Elijah is 8 days old, and is such a darling baby. I just want to post about how much i appreciate this sweet baby!

There have been several times that I have snuggled in bed with this wee one, and tears have come to my eyes, in appreciation for his sweet spirit.

I thank the Lord for allowing me to raise this young spirit on this earth, what an honor! (I may need to be reminded of Zeke being a sweetie too, as he is testing his 2 year old limits!)


Wsk Family said...

He sure is a cutie!!!! Poor Zeke- he has been 'dethroned' as my mother would say- being a two year old doesn't help either. We would gladly have Zeke over to play any day you need a break- Gabe could use a play day with a friend. :)

Danni said...

Okay, I am officially baby hungry. Good thing I will be enjoying my own in a couple of months;)

Arizona Arnolds said...

HE is wonderful!
I have meant to send you a congratulations on your amazing birth story. I can't believe he is over a week old! Hold on the the memories, I love those first few weeks when they are so tender.

And two year olds have a bad rap... it is really 3 when they are aweful :)

Phogles said...

so sweet and cuddle-able (is that a word?). But now you need to update your stick figure family!

Chris said...

Don't we all (mothers) wish that nothing like that has happened to us.
I'm just glad that it turned out for the good. What a scare.