Friday, March 13, 2009

Co-op major outing (updated)

This will be our first major outing since Eli's birth...

Wish us luck, we have packed, lunch, water, 3 changes of clothes....burp cloths, 15 diapers, binky, blankey.....

what am I forgetting?

The kids love this co-op, and so /i trudge out, and persevere the assignments....

here we go!
I survived the outing, and as i was NAC for the post, It was a bit brief and sloppy.(NAC= Nursing at Computer)

We made it out the door,and to Co-op on time, I survived 4 hours in the nursery, and really enjoyed myself, this co-op is a bunch of us home schooling mom's and we are the minority in our faith. I was able to relate how, even though it is tough, and tiring and never ending, how much I enjoy each of my children, I LOVE being a mom! It is (as I said) exhuasting, however it is so rewarding,
Elijah is a sweet sweet boy, and Zeke is SO FUN! Energy for at least a dozen of us. He just loves to be helping, and exploring. He had a rough minute when he first arrived at his co-op preschool class, I teared up, and covered his face, and was so sad to be left there, I reminded him of how much fun it was, and promised him I would be back quickly, and he bravely wiped away the tears, and turned to the craft table and started playing. I was so PROUD of him, such a brave boy! And... yes he DID have fun, and when I picked him up he shouted "YOU CAME BACK!" Poor kid, I can not imagine what he was thinking in his little 2 year old mind, did He really think I may not return?

Then There is Abigel, she wanted to trade classes, and we got her into scrap booking, she was elated. A happy child. She takes 4 classes at co-op, Scrap booking, Repeat art, Ooey Gooey Science & (one more I can not think of right now)

Gracie is SO in her element! She is social and LOVES to learn, Her classes are: Flying Creatures, Spanish, Baton twirling, and Ooey Gooey Science.

Rubi is in the "Blue Whale" Group for preschoolers, she attends with her bestest friends Sarah & Emily. They all love their class, they do art, singing, outside time, and beginning reading/phonics. WHAT FUN!

Madison is slow to admit that she loves her classes as well, but I see her glowing when we arrive for class, she has met new friends, and is thriving on the French class she is in, she even suggested we buy a Book of Mormon in French so she can translate and learn more words in french. She is also in, Volleyball, Spanish, and a Yoga (AKA Praise Moves)

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Chris said...

1 step at a time. I bet you were wore out by the end. When are you going to add Eli to the top of your page? Love ya