Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mr. Mom Lesson 5! (Enjoy)

Chronicles of a Mr. Mom-Part 5-Back to the Office but Lessons Engrained-Retirement?
Today at 11:54am
It's been 6-7 weeks now since my wife hit this morning sickness which is more like 2 months sickness. I completely understand how our moms, sisters, wives and ladies feel and have greater clarity about what it takes to stay home, clean, do laundry, cook meals, pay attention to kids, try to have a personal life, write a journal, stay in shape and exercise, magnify a church calling or two and be sane and happy.

I can honestly say that being a stay at home mom is the most challenging profession. (I did play in the NFL which is excruciatingly difficult and taxing mentally, physically and spiritually, I have been in high pressure sales, mortgages, real estate, public speaking etc.)

So today although my wife isn't fully feeling better is time for me to head back to the office to work, be productive and create as a breadwinner and provider. I've been home literally for 7 weeks now. Cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, shopping, cooking, paying quality attention to your little ones and staying healthy can be a vicious cycle if the bigger picture is not kept in perspective.

In my business profession I don't believe in the word retirement. Retirement means you stop doing what are you doing. Well, if you love what you are doing you stop already (retire) and do something you love to do. Or, you never retire because you absolutely love what you are doing. And even if at times you don't love it, being a parent is a 24/7 never ending responsibility.

So although I said i was retiring, I'm really not. I'm going to remember what I learned through being a stay at home Mr. Mom. I'm going to help my wife around the home a lot more. I'm going to watch a lot less TV, a lot less football, and do a lot more reading with my son, games with my son and walks with my wife. I'm going to sweep a lot more our magnetic kitchen floor which I swear attracts dirt. I'm going to be more mindful about expressing gratitude to my wife for all that she does.

Today is the day that I go back to the office but take with me lessons learned over a stretching and trying time for me as a dad and a husband.

Thank you to my mother and step-mother and wife and aunties and mother in law and all the ladies who raise children and do such a dang good job. Thank you for being patient with us guys who can oft times be ungrateful and lazy and so not mindful of what you do daily to keep our homes in 'order'.

This is Mr. Mom signing off-but not done.

I'd absolutely love to hear some comments and get some feedback on what YOU do to be a productive stay at home mom. Please write or comment so I can add to my Chronicles and put it together. It would be a huge help to me so i can remember and learn more from you mom's who are in the trenches every day!

Thank you.

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