Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Elijah Henry Gordon's Blessing

We were able to bless Elijah on Monday March 30th 2009.

IT was a whirlwind of a day, My parents had gotten to the airport on Saturday the 28th and were told because of weather in Kansas City all flights were canceled.

We were devastated, we had scheduled the baby blessing for Sunday the 29th.

We put the plans aside as I did not want to proceed without my parents.

Sunday the Bishop suggested we bless the baby at FHE, this would enable all the grandparents to be here, in addition to Wes since he is scheduled to leave immediately following the blessing.

We begin in the preparations for the day, we called in help, (THANKS SASHA!) and we got the bathroom grouted, (while Zeke proceeded to fill the hole int he floor for the toilet with tile spacers.)
Sasha and I were able to finish the grouting and we set out on the next project,
Wes's dad helped drywall/mud/tape the girls bedroom, and then took the older 2 girls on an outing, they spent the duration of the day shopping, while I had the younger ones at home (under foot) while trying to prepare my house for the blessing.

I had dinner planned, and figured we could all eat together before the blessing, The kids had not arrived back fro shopping by 6 and so we ate without them, then frantically tried to get cleaned up for the guests to arrive for the blessing.

This is when we discovered what Zeke had been up to. Along with the spaces in the upstairs toilet hole, he installed his own version of plumbing in the toilet (main and only functioning toilet) in the main bathroom, while Wes was getting ready to shower, he discovered the toilet was jam packed with stuff, toothbrush, doll shoes, who knows what else!!!

He spent the next 40 min attempting to unclog the toilet.

to no avail, so he quickly grabbed the upstairs toilet and installed it in the main bathroom.

The guests began arriving on time, as invited (7 p.m.) and we were still not dressed and ready, nor were the Girls home yet.

I was pretty stressed out, and Wes was just trying to get himself cleaned up from working all day.

Needless to say, our friends & family love us, and no one made any complaints about the state of the house (although my mom cleaned up after dinner THANKS MOM!) and we had our selves a wonderful evening.

Sasha made us Brigham Young's Whole Wheat & Honey Donuts. (YUMMY!) and we blessed Elijah.

Enjoy the photos, the lighting was off, and they all look orange, don't know why.
But at least we are all together. HUGS to everyone who helped out.


The Palmers said...

I'm glad it all worked out in the end!

Janika said...

How big is Elijah? The guage on the knit of that blanket in the top picture makes it look like he's the size of a soda can--but a sweetie!