Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Slow ly creeping back into my life.

I am trying to maintain somewhat of a schedule, modified, but structured, The kids all got minor colds this past week, and of course baby Eli gets a full blown nasty bug. we stayed up half the night last night, he was coughing and whimpering, I felt so bad!

He wanted to just lay on my arm, so i let him, he spiked a fever around 2 a.m. and I gave him some meds. I have been keeping him up with silver solution, garlic & Cherry Bark (respiratory support) It was not enough, and we treated (we?? Who is this We, there is not a bird on my shoulder)
OK, I gave him Tylenol last night, and he was able to sleep a little while. He woke back up after 3 hours, and I gave him some Ibuprofen. Poor baby! He is sleeping now, (wish I was) and I am trying to muster up the strength to go pick up the flooring for the kids rooms' I have hired a handy man to come in and finish tier rooms so that when Wes returns he can trim them, and we can assemble bedrooms at last! (only 6 months after living here!)
I can hardly wait for the kids rooms to be set up, I am so mentally tired of the chaos that comes from not having beds, dressers and closets available for the kids!

OK enough whining.

I was so uplifted by Conference, and have felt like I am going to try harder at embracing the growing pains, and allowing my Heavenly Father to guide me and mold me into the woman he would have me be.

My dear Friends the Skembo's have a grown son who was in a terrible motorcycle accident, he is in a coma right now, and there is not much hope that he will recover. I spoke with her yesterday and true to Consie's style, she said "I think my motto fro this year is it is not what life throws at us but HOW we handle it" I pray for thier whole family to be as wise and pliable as she is, I love her, I miss her, it has been a few weeks since we have visited (since the baby was born) and I miss our outings.

I will share with you the cartoon my mom sent me:

For those of my readers who are not members of our Church To visit teach is to commit to seeing a set of sister at least once a month, in an effort to create a gospel sharing relationship, and to ensure they are not passed over when they need help or assistance. Some of my best friends have been my visiting teachers, and I still keep in touch with them today. (Amanda Z., Carolee J. )
So sharing a message from the scriptures is ideal, and the new fad with "Twilight" has gotten some of us sisters off track, and distracted. So this is tongue in cheek, hoping those of us who are diverging will return to the scriptures and teach from the words of Christ.


Arizona Arnolds said...

We sure love you. Thanks for being so great with my parents. Mom does have a great ability to see the sunny side of things.
Sorry to hear your little bitty is sick. That is not fun.
LOVED the comic :)

Greears said...

I don't think you have to be a member of the LDS to think that is a funny cartoon! I think it is great!

You know though Dee, when I read Twilight (you know I love pop culture) I think I was the only one that was like... "not getting the true love thing...getting more of an obsessive disfunctional vibe..." Tell me, am I the only one?

FYI I still have drywall tape in places and we've been here nearly two years. Remember...Journey...not Destination...smooch