Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 2009

I have been scolded that I had not made any posts lately.
I suppose I have nothing (good) to say. I am working on my personal goals, we have made a list of academic achievement goals, and the kids have been playing lots & lots.

Zeke is Trouble with a capital "T" he loves to keep us all hoping. HE was lucky enough to have a friend come over yesterday and play with him, boy they had a GREAT time! The chased, and rode bikes (even shared) and then they got into the kiddie pool. and that was all she wrote, they splashed and jumped in the 20" of water until the sun went down!

I had to bribe them to come inside and eat dinner.

We made home made pizza, but had to get creative since we ran out of mozzarella cheese, so it was cheddar for the kids & white for my veggie pizza.

The older girls had fun playing with thier guests as well. They dressed up, and put make up on (which was promptly removed) and then they sang Karaoke. Good kids make play time lots of fun, I am grateful for friends who have done a FINE job raising thier children to be polite, kind & a pleasure to spend time with.

Right now the kids are at a primary activity, and I am enjoying a quite house.

Wes is with Madison who is mowing lawns in town. She is helping her friend Jake who has a mowing business, but his normal helper is out of town, and he had 5 lawns to do today. So they all went out with mowers & edge trimmers and are hard at work. I am so proud of Madi. she is a Good kid, and she loves to work hard & earn her money!

Wes is hanging out and driving them from place to place, the kids are lucky to have one good parent who is willing to sacrifice thier time so that they can work & earn money.

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Brenda said...

Enjoyed your kids at the primary activity this morning.