Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Gracie!

Gracie my darling turned 9 years old. She is such a fun kid. She is inventive and creative, she loves to search for bugs, and snails and frogs. She is most comfortable around boys, as most girls don't want to get as dirty as this gal gets in play!

her best friend is Joseph Grove, and the 2 of them are like peas in a pod.

For her birthday we had a little family party each of her siblings had scrounged and saved so they could shower her with gifts, some of them were pencils, pens, art work they had created.

Here is a picture of Wes playing his "Mowry Tongue warrior" face/ game/ i don't what to classify it as??? He screams as he pushes his tongue out, and as the boys get older (hint hint, older) they do it back and love it. Right now Eli is a bit young for it, and it scares the pants off him. this pic shows him begin to cry each time Wes does it. I had to finally tell him enough. Men. they think the boys will be born tough, and love rough & tumble from the start. When little boys are born, they love to be cuddled and made to be safe just like the little girls!

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