Monday, October 19, 2009

Inspiration and wit.

This is How I choose to describe Mary Ostyn."Inspirational & Witty" She has written 2 books, the newest I just finished reading today, and we had a Family Home evening picking our favorite recipes from her book.

I am so excited to try them out, they sound delish! and easy, and real life! 3 things that are important.

Her book Family Feasts on $75 a week
Offers simple and precise ways to save money on groceries (which takes up nearly 1/3 of our budget. ) I admit I have allot of improvement, I blame my sloppy budget on the fact that we live in a rural town, and our One & only shopping opportunity is *Wally World*

Not so anymore, I will be making a better effort to scour the deals, and make my budget go further, besides if I can etch out of my budget just enough for a new pair of shoes, well that alone will be worth the extra effort, but more likely I will be spending it on thrift store finds, winter clothes, and now Christmas! (Yes can you believe it is time to start planning & buying for Christmas!??)

So go find this book, buy it, it is worth it, the recipe portion alone is worth having on hand, to slop sauce on, and to use and abuse. Eventually I will have these recipes memorized, but for now, I will faithfully put the book in the hot spot, and use the heck out of it.

Praying that the budget changes will help me feel on top of my finances instead of being controlled by my finances... the extra breathing room will be nice. (which could be true to anyone's budget, not matter what size!)

Goal: Spend $350.00 on groceries for 30 days.


Janika said...

I make the same 5 meals every week. I always buy the same things, and it is always super cheap. However, my family gets pretty tired of it. I was thinking I would plan out a monthly menu (that will be the same every month with one weekday for new things). Good luck with yours.

Danni said...

I hear you on food being a major amount of your budget. I really want to know how your goal of $350 a month works out. I would love to spend that much. It would get rid of a lot of stress. :)

Brenda said...

You will be the miracle woman when you get to $350/month on groceries for a family your size. I think you might just have to teach a class on this. Aren't you glad I'm your new friend? :)