Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Progress so far. (IS it cheating?)

OK, the goal is to save money on groceries, and here is some of the Menu so far:

We have home made bread stuffed French toast. Two thumbs up from everyone in the house.

Korean Kimchi with cabbage (couldn't get them to even eat a bite) it is a No-repeater.

Burgers on home made buns with home style fries. (Baked and were good)

Home made pizza

Oatmeal & apples with pecans.

Blue Ribbon Pancake mix another 2-thumbs up. (Breakfasts so far are going well :)

BBQ beef sandwiches on home made buns. Three thumbs up if that is possible!?

Here is where I feel like we are cheating: We had an opportunity for Wes to trade some finish work for a COW! Yep 200 lbs. of Beef. In the freezer it goes. so the majority of our $350.00 for groceries went towards a Freezer. That is OK with me, it is nice to know i will have beef, & Potatoes on hand for a year.

We are ordering 200 lbs of potatoes and 50lbs of carrots and 150lbs of onions. We should be set for a life of winter luxury.

This should help out with the budget crunch.
Doncha Think?

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Janika said...

I got my monthly every month with room for variation menu done. I ONLY do dinner. Though the last Monday of the month is Breakfast for dinner. Congrats on the bulk buys and beef.