Monday, November 30, 2009

New family member

For our Christmas lists we had:
Wants, very few needs ;)
we are so blessed, and each of my kids have been gracious and giving, knowing there are SO MANY out of work, and who are anticipating a slim Holiday, we feel blessed to have so many of our needs met.

Aero Sweats, Socks (cute) , Aero Jeans, Perfume, Cute Black heels, Shirts, Nail polish, Camera, ear rings, rings, shoes.(size Woman 8, shoes 9)

Lump of coal, Ipod, peg leg jeans, MODEST shirts, (downeast or mod-be high neck tee shirts) American Girl Doll (Felicity) (Size Girls 12 slim, Shoes woman 8)

Clothes, Jeans, Long sleeve shirts, American Girl doll, Doll carry case, I pod, Cameron, Scarf. (Size Girls 8 slim, shoes 4)

Puppy, Repeater (I have no idea what this is?) adventure book (like the on on "UP") R.C. Car, Princess wallet, Robot,Tea set. (never enough tea sets!) (Size 6x shoes 1.5)

Dinosaurs, Lion, BRIO train set.(doesn't need clothes)

Blocks (doesn't need clothes)

So as Wes saw there was one request for a puppy! (Rubi) he jumped on it, did his fatherly duty and found a sweet little pup at the pound, and we now have a Jack Russel Pup again! We have missed our Jack's and we are all so happy to welcome "June" To our home!
Pictures to come soon!

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Elle said...

For those ipod gifts-we looked into that or an MP3 player at Wally world & were like $30 cheaper-It was nice for Archi's bday!