Wednesday, December 09, 2009

This boy may not live much longer!

Zeke... the Great, The Terrible, The magnificent, the never ending terror!

I will simply make a list of the reason I have been so busy lately:

One broken toilet.
One clogged toilet
3 destroyed children's books.
a pencil poked into Abby's back.
DVD's thrown all over the family room
DVD's thrown down the stairs.
Books thrown off the shelves.
One dog let out of the house(unattended and new to the family, means possible run-away)
Broken DVD's (do you know how hard those are to break?!)
Naked streaking through the house.
Naughty words.
Screaming fits.
Fighting with sister.
Climbing onto the TV Armoire, TV Armoire falling onto him and breaking said Armoire.

This child may not live to his 4th birthday.


Kari said...

This sounds like my daughter, except she doesn't talk. Maybe instead of worrying, I should be counting my blessings.

the Carlos Family said...

Welcome to the world of BOYS! :) Have you heard that saying " the mother of a boy is busy from SON up to SON down" Hang in there :p

The Bird Family said...

Oh-my-goodness! I can't believe I really want boys! I guess I don't feel like I have enough trials in my life with 2 chatter-box daughters, army obligations, and working on my bachelor's. :) I still can't wait for a little boy, though. I'm sorry sweet Zeke isn't being so sweet. :)

Janika said...

My twin girls are rotten x2. Almost two and full of poo. Climbing, throwing, pinching and biting each other, stripping, pulling out different clothes, pushing my phone into a can of peaches. Hmm, I just noticed that they have not been pulling out the videos much lately. Oh yeah, they are too busy tearing the Christmas tree apart. Maybe I should strap them into their car seats and make them learn how to sit vacantly in front of the TV.

Greears said...

This guy has come to this earth with a mission hasn't he? He has always been the one who is in the danger zone hasn't he? Hopefully he will live and to quote one of my favorite people (myself) you..."won't be having to serve any jail time."

Miss you!