Sunday, November 08, 2009

Visit from an Apostle.

November 8th 2009

Today was Stake Conference; we were honored by a visit from Russell M Nelson. Our stake presidency was reorganized and we were able to sustain the new leaders.

I was honestly debating all week about whether it would be worth it to wrangle the kids alone (Madi was on the stand with the choir & Wes was at work) and I had almost talked myself out of it. Sasha reminded me that I would be blessed if I just went, even if I was not able to hear a word, or get any insight from it. I am so blessed to have a good friend who encourages me.
Zeke was a handful (as usual,) he does not listen to any one, and Elijah ONLY wants me to hold him so although I had 2 wonderful teenaged helpers (Andrea & Chris) they did little as they watched me piled high with kids struggle and sweat through the entire session. (Eli did fall asleep for a while, and Zeke escaped to sit with Sasha for a blessed portion)

At the end of the Conference, as the kids & I were scuttling out the door, I noticed a throng of people lining the pathway for Elder Nelson & His sweet wife, Wendy. I thought Why not stand where he will walk past, just to see his face a little closer.

With no intentions of speaking to him, and little hope for being able to shake his hand, we stood anyway. I explained that if they were patient they may have the chance to shake the hand of an Apostle of the Lord. as we had all been there for 4 hours, and they were hungry. Gracie stood patiently, Abi stood wiggly, and Zeke & Rubi took off running.
People kept pushing their way to the front of the line, (Which I thought was terribly rude, as children were waiting in line & adults were pushing them out of the way…)

Eventually He was near, and a sweet elderly woman from our ward (in a wheelchair) was being greeted by Elder Nelson. The security guards stood with their backs in front of us, and there our hope dwindled and we couldn’t see him, nor could we have the chance to offer our hand.
Elder Nelson had passed us, he turned and looked into my eyes, I held out my hand, and he stepped back and took it, he spoke to Elijah, and said “What a big brother” and then looked up into my eyes, holding them (as tears welled up into my eyes seeing how pure and loving these eyes were I was overwhelmed and could think of nothing to say.) He looked down for a moment, as if to gather his thoughts and then looked up and spoke,
I want to keep private the words he shared with me, as they feel so sacred & endearing.

It was as if the Savior himself had said these words to me, giving me the encouragement and love and tenderness every daughter craves, I was overwhelmed with his sincerity and love. I will never forget the look of his eyes and the way I felt.

What an honor.


Jenni said...

That is SO cool! I am so glad that you were able to have that!

Phogles said...

Dee, that's wonderful. What a sweet reminder that we really are blessed if we just go, even though we always end up wrestling we knew we would! Thank you for sharing.

Janika said...

Because God loves each of us, knows our needs and capacities (and wants to push their limits) and knows how to honor and bless his children. Thank you for blessing us with the surrogate experience.