Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Sunday School kids

I invited the Sunday School kids over for a Halloween party. We had been planning a party for some time, but it was moved to Today. One of the kids in the class is a farmer. (impressive eh> he is 14 and already has a ton of responsibility!) He had beans to combine and so we delayed the party until Halloween.


Here is a slide show of some of the kids.

After we ate & the boys shot at the girls with a marshmallow gun, we played Hieroglyphics in the carpet and then the older kids went outside. (mind you, I had 5 kids that were not part of the party, and Sasha had her 5 that were too young for the party, but that didn't stop them from hanging all over these teenagers.) they were good sports though. VERY GOOD KIDS, I have truly grown to love them all!

Then we scuttled off to visit Co-Ann, the girls' widowed friend from our old house, she is so sweet & loves to shower the girls with treats! It has been fun for them to have a grandmother type to show off for occasionally.

They got to Trick-Or-Treat for an hour, and then we came home. Sugar high crashed, and they are all in bed.

More pictures to come (the computer keeps locking up, since I have over 6,500 pictures on it)

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