Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Four Types of Undisciplined Parents:

1. Inconsistent Parents
...Some parents are inconsistent. They have a certain standard one day and then the next day the standard has changed. One day they are like Nazi-parents. The next day they’re like Homer Simpson. The reality is that the more consistent we are as parents, the more fruit we will see from our discipline.

2. Split-Decision Parents
Split-decision parents is what happens when two parents don’t agree. Now, obviously, parents won’t always agree 100% on how to handle a situation. But, keep a unified front. If you disagree with each other and argue in front of the children, that just undermines everything. Dads, if your child comes in to the room and asks for something and your wife has already said “no” and if the child whines and asks again, then you need to say gently but firmly, “Mom said ‘no’ and that means ‘no’.” Be unified.

3. Angry Parents
When we discipline we should never yell. Discipline should never be done in anger. If it is we should apologize to our child and ask for forgiveness.
James 1:20 – “For man’s anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.”

4. Bribing Parents
Some parents say things like, “If you do this, then you’ll get this.” All this teaches a child is that the reason they honor mom and dad is because they get something good out of it, not because it pleases God.
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