Friday, February 20, 2009

Yo- Yo of pain & impatience

I am NOT a patient person, and this waiting to birth my child is getting to me.

I WILL post when we deliver. Until then continued prayers are appreciated.

This is AGONY, I have one thing to look forward to today!

My MOM is coming tomorrow! I and the kids are so excited, we can't wait!!!

Maybe we will all go riding horses together ;) or bowling :) or ice skating, maybe rappelling? Get the drift??? I am ready to have this kid out!

BTW, the NST came out that baby is doing great, his heart rate is perfect, and he is responding well to stress & contractions, so for now, we leave him be!


Karies place said...

I hear ya. At this point in the pregnancy, we are SOOO ready to just be done. Good luck!

Karies place said...

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Wsk Family said...

I am so glad that the baby is doing well and cross my fingers that SOON- as in NOW will be the word of the day. I love you and am sorry that I have not been around- fever, sinus infection and stuff! Praying for you all!