Friday, July 31, 2009

What a Phone call!

I got a phone call during Devotional one morning, it as around 9 a.m. CST here is how it went:

Madi: Hello?

She hands the phone to me, with a very funny look on her face.

Me: Hello?
Caller: Hi, do you know me?
Me: Um, who is this?
Caller: It is Clara.
Me: Oh, HI Clara
(thinking her Mother had dialed the number so we could chat)
How are you?
Clara: Good, who is this?
ME: This is Aunt Dee, I was there when you were born.
Clara: You remember me!?
Me: Yes, I remember you.
Clara: I'm 4 now.
Me: WOW, you are a big girl.
ME: Oh, is your mom there? Can I talk to her?
Clara: My mom is getting strong at the Army now.
Me: is someone else there?
Clara: Yeah, my daddy.
ME: OK, (pause.... thinking he is going to answer the phone now)
Clara: Ok, BYE!

(I am assuming) This tenacious little 4 year old called me from her fathers cell phone all on her own, we had a pleasant conversation,and she was done. I wonder how many other calls were made of this nature?

What a hoot!


Brenda said...

That's funny. Four year old are so fun.

Karies place said...


The Bird Family said...

SO my Clara! :) lol I'm glad to hear that she is better at keeping in contact than her mother! :) Although I am tickled to hear that you were part of her loving to dial numbers, you weren't the only one! Momma, Lia, and my British friends were also "victims" of the "Clara social era". :) I love it when she does cute things like that, although my phone bill doesn't like it so much! (I finally got a Cricket phone, so now I don't have to worry about the minutes part.)
Love and miss you tons! I'm glad she brightened your day!